Software Upgrade Planning

Organizations tend to evolve over time without stopping to evaluate the big picture. Roles, technologies or processes have many times remained in place long past their usefulness. IT organizations can be compromised by combining job functions that fail to provide checks and balances for value and purpose. The Sciens Assessment methodology helps to isolate critical functions and ensure that controls are in place for optimal performance.

Reviewing existing operations and critical work processes with Sciens can help identify opportunities to streamline and optimize organizations. Information is gathered through interviews with the project lead, stakeholders and the IT team; hands-on investigation and research; and general observations of the processes. Our experience working with similar organizations enables Sciens to provide an objective assessment the operational environment and develop practical solutions to advance the organization.

3 Phases of Software Upgrades


Understanding overall business goals is essential for developing an effective IT strategy. How can technology support the organization better? Are there opportunities to improve process efficiencies? The vision of the organization serves as the cornerstone for the assessment and strategy development process.


A key consideration during an assessment is who is determining the value and risk of proposed IT initiatives, and setting priorities for the entire organization.  Is it one person or a committee? Governance is a straightforward method for ensure the strategic direction of IT offers the greatest benefit to the organization.


The nuts and bolts of any strategic IT plan centers on what hardware and software currently exists in the environment, what is needed, and whether there are sufficient resources to acquire the necessary technologies. Technology for the sake of technology fails. The key is to deploy intelligent solutions to solve real problems.


The role of the IT department and the roles within the IT department dictate the scope of support. Is the staff properly trained and motivated for the scope of their job? Successful IT departments need the right people with the necessary skills and knowledge, as well as a proactive attitude to resolve problems.


Implementing quality management practices keeps the work process-dependent, not people-dependent.  Are key business activities being accomplished efficiently?  Processes that are optimized ensure that the organization is running as efficiently as possible.

Objective, Detailed Review

At every project launch, Sciens starts with the most fundamental ideals: What is the organization’s vision for their future? What are the priorities for success? Using the organization’s overall strategic plan as a map, and candid input from users as a compass, we gain a clear understanding to outline a plan for achieving organizational goals.

Existing technologies are measured against external standards to identify methods to maximize technology value and meet end users’ needs better. Using frameworks such as CobIT, and best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Sciens assesses IT’s service performance and makes recommendations for process, management and technology improvements.