Courts & Justice

Technology Experts for Courts & Justice

Courts are operating under severe economic pressures and facing increasingly complex workloads. Technology is a powerful enabler that can empower courts to meet core purposes and responsibilities despite economic limitations.

Courts and Corrections systems provide automation capabilities for the wide range of business processes involved in managing and tracking information, as well as the progress of offenders moving through the legal system.

  • Document Management
  • Scheduling
  • Inmate Monitoring

Areas of Expertise

Efficient delivery of justice requires connecting and automating the operational environment of courts and law enforcement systems. Nationally recognized experts, Sciens helps our justice clients cut through technology confusion and get the best systems for their budget.

When technology works, courts, prosecutors, police departments, sheriff’s offices and corrections departments can focus on upholding law and order for citizen safety.

  • RMS
  • Detention
  • Crime Analysis
  • Mobility

Sciens Consulting serves as an objective and trusted advisor to courts, law enforcement and corrections management clients. Our recommendations are objective, and carefully consider each client’s requirements and budget. Our focus is on providing practical technology plans that make sense for the unique needs of the client and their environment.

  • Trusted
  • Objective
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Efficient justice

Efficient justice

Harnessing the multitude of technologies and processes that operate within the different branches of justice and law enforcement organizations can be a challenging process. Sciens brings order to technology. Having worked with courts and law enforcement agencies worldwide, Sciens understands the entire process from the time the call is initiated at dispatch through adjudication.

Central to this vision are unified records management, and robust mobile technologies. We streamline forms and processes to eliminate redundancy or inefficiencies, and manage the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. Working with law enforcement and court staff members, Sciens can assess each step of the justice process and identify opportunities for improvement.

Automation, records management & mobility

Our teams understand the justice process, and how information is captured and transferred to the courts. Records management systems and mobility are the cornerstone of workforce automation and information sharing. These robust technologies can improve the accuracy of data capture, and analytics after the event for accurate investigations. A seamless process from booking to court appearances is key to reducing errors, redundant efforts and operational costs.

Our experienced consultants offer insight into optimal processes and technology use. Automation solutions can expedite work flow between investigations and the District Attorney’s Office through digital case records. Managing jail occupancy efficiently enables people to move through the system faster, which reduces maintenance costs and limits potential security breaches. In the end, everyone benefits from swift, expeditious justice.

Lowering costs through consolidation

Budget constraints are pressuring jurisdictions to find ways to lower their operating expenses. Consolidating systems and processes is an effective approach to cutting costs and enhancing services. Although consolidation offers numerous benefits, it can also present challenges. Concerns about consolidation and new technologies can cloud perceptions and slow the opportunity for organizations to advance. Governance, funding, and control of the consolidated body can many times prevent adoption. But experience has shown that agencies with consolidated operations have greater access to federal and state grant funding.

Sciens collaborates with agencies to assess their current environments, examine the real value of any consolidation to each of the jurisdictions, and make recommendations based on information – not perception. Our consolidation plans include a budget, technology recommendation and timeline. More importantly, we support efforts to build a consensus for change.