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Microsoft & the New World of Computing

The advent of Windows® 10 has been a breath of fresh air for the enterprise user experience. Windows 10 has reintroduced the use of the mouse, while making the most of touch-centric device capabilities. Mobile environments – both tablet and phone – are now much more effective accessing and modifying enterprise applications (e.g. ERP, permitting). […]

Change Requires Experienced Management

The way that information is presented and consumed has changed dramatically in the last few years.  The consumerization of information access through smartphones and tablets has altered how people interact with their systems.  This new “convenient” mode of information sharing has been imposed on enterprises with the expectation that touch-friendly systems are no different to […]

Critical Skills for the Coming Technology Transformation

A generational transformation of the work environment is underway that fundamentally alters how work is done. The rapid evolution of technology is changing how we work, which in turns forces more changes to the technologies. Tablet computing can dramatically increase the productivity of a growing mobile workforce;  however, tablets can also potentially hinder productivity as […]

IT Security and the Art of Saying ‘No’

The widespread adoption of cloud-based systems has elevated their importance to daily business transactions.  As a result, threats from cybercriminals have also grown dramatically.  The breech of Target’s IT systems points out the undeniable vulnerability of organizations, which can damage the business and cause a loss of customer faith in the safekeeping of sensitive information.

Sciens Publishes Book to Help Local Government Managers Improve Organizational and IT Performance

Transforming Government Offers Insight for Evaluating, Strategizing and Implementing a Plan to Maximize Process Efficiency and the Value of Government IT DALLAS, TX – July 7, 2015 – Sciens Consulting, LLP, management and technology strategists for organizational performance, today announced it has published a new book, Transforming Government, to assist senior management in city and county government improve […]

The Calm Before the Storm

TheThe start of a new year offers renewed focus on our goals and the steps needed to get there. From an IT perspective, last year was centered on transitioning from Microsoft Windows XP to new desktop computers and updated operating systems. The move from Windows XP has forced many organizations out of their technology innovation […]

Treading the Waters of Mobility

Mobility, especially in public safety environments, is a heavy concept these days…with many permutations. Every law enforcement magazine includes articles about mobility – its importance, and how organizations are using mobility to improve efficiencies or effectiveness. The overarching goal of mobility is greater community service, while the objectives are enhanced data access, faster and more […]

Voter Expectations & Funding

In recent elections, a general theme is developing that could dramatically impact how technology is implemented and managed in government. Voters have been rejecting bonds for capital investments. It’s clear that everyone is tightening their belts during these economic times, and it seems that people are paying close attention to what they get for their […]