Sciens Publishes Book to Help Local Government Managers Improve Organizational and IT Performance

Transforming Government Offers Insight for Evaluating, Strategizing and Implementing a Plan to Maximize Process Efficiency and the Value of Government IT

DALLAS, TX – July 7, 2015 – Sciens Consulting, LLP, management and technology strategists for organizational performance, today announced it has published a new book, Transforming Government, to assist senior management in city and county government improve the performance of processes and information technology (IT) in their organizations. This practical guide outlines a model for optimal efficiency by aligning IT with local government’s strategic vision, identifying opportunities to leverage technology, and initiating organizational change.

Authored by Sciens founders, Ernest Pages and Stephen Gousie, Transforming Government offers a candid look at the issues facing local government and outlines specific steps to maximize the value of IT.

The book provides insights into why organizations are facing challenges, the steps that can be taken to improve performance, and the skills required to manage organizational transformation. Among the topics included are assessing the IT function and defining the problem; developing and implementing a strategy; collaboration among departments; pros and cons of cloud computing; and the evolution of social media, smartphones and mobile devices.

“We are helping government agencies transform their organizations from a collection of isolated departments with separate functions and deliverables, to a unified business model that shares information through linked and fluid processes,” said Stephen Gousie, Sciens consultant and co-author. “The book provides a guide for managers to help them evaluate and create a plan to maximize the value of their IT function. Ultimately, an improved and more efficient IT system will better serve a community by reducing costs and expanding services.”

Transforming Government is available in both print and Kindle versions through Amazon. More information can be found at

Dovetailing with the publication of the book, Sciens also will host a webinar on September 30, 2015 about how to improve the performance and efficiency of IT in government organizations. Topics will include how to assess the IT function, and strategize and implement an improvement plan.

“Sciens consultants have a long history in working closely with local governments to improve their bottom-line results,” said Ernest Pages, Sciens consultant and co-author. “With governments facing growing demands to boost value and responsiveness, we felt now was the right time to write a book that cuts through the jargon and clearly outlines the steps for transforming government. We hope to inspire managers to evaluate their organizations and look for opportunities to deliver the best possible service to their communities.”

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Sciens Consulting, LLP provides management and technology consulting services that help its city and county government and enterprise clients assess and align their organizations, processes and technologies to boost organizational effectiveness and bottom-line results. Sciens consultants work closely with clients to improve the performance and maximize the value of technology with practical solutions that benefit communities. More information can be found at

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