Vendor Selection

Technology is best applied to processes that have already been assessed for optimization. Sciens works with our clients to select the most appropriate use of technology following a structured approach that is both logical and defensible. A well-defined system acquisition process links the IT strategy with the required products necessary to transform the organization.

Following industry standard best practices for systems acquisition, our methodology is designed for objective and unbiased evaluations of technologies and providers. Keeping the client’s long-term needs central to our mission ensures the best possible system is selected. With a well-documented and systematic process, our clients have all the tools necessary to respond to vendor inquiries.

Unbiased, Systematic Methodology

Every systems acquisition starts with a plan that considers timelines for deployment, budget, decision-makers, selection schedule, and vendor pool.

User perspective is essential in the system selection process to ensure satisfaction with functionality and high adoption rates. It’s worth the time to collect input on the pros and cons of existing systems, if there are any, as well as desired functionality of the new systems.

Clear and consistent communication between users, the project team, and prospective vendors ensures that the playing field is level. If functional and technical specifications are well-defined, the systems acquisition process supports vendor creativity and includes wider industry participation.

A formal written Request for Proposals (RFP) for vendor solicitations is created with the Purchasing department that details user functionality requirements pinpointed during user interviews and workflow review.

Proposals must have a defined evaluation process for compliance, completeness and quality; response prioritization; vendor demonstration management; and recommendations. Once vendor proposals are evaluated, a short-list of finalists are invited to present demonstrations of their solutions.

Once a vendor is selected, Sciens assists the client with final contract negotiations reviewing the vendor’s documents as compared to other client contracts, attending meetings and conference calls as needed, and defining the terms of the agreement.

A key part of contract negotiations is an explicit Statement of Work (SOW). The contract and SOW details are significant in the costs and outcome of any project. Sciens has the experience to anticipate where project plans need specific cost and deliverable descriptions, including initial implementation activities and acceptance testing documents.

Responsive and agile project management, and disciplined vendor oversight ensure the quality and integrity of the vendor deliverables meet client needs within acceptable timeframes and budgets.

Results-Focused Approach

For more than 30 years, Sciens has been actively involved in defining key elements in operational and network systems. As certified IT Audit, Governance and Process professionals, Sciens incorporates the IT industry standards of data integrity, control and risk review into our assessments and plans. Over the years, we have developed a results-focused approach that allows our team to provide leading edge, yet practical, recommendations that align our customers’ IT operations, staffing and systems purchases with users’ needs.

The structured process Sciens follows and our business integrity enables us to collaborate and negotiate with vendors effectively, which results in significant project cost savings for our clients. The comprehensive nature of Sciens’ project plans reassures vendors that there will not be surprises during project implementation. By reducing their risk, most vendors will agree to a lower negotiated price.  Many times, this cost reduction covers all of the Sciens consulting service fees.