Field-proven, scalable and clearly structured recommendations help align operations with the needs of the business.

Checks and Balances for Results

Organizations tend to evolve over time without stopping to evaluate the big picture. Many times roles or processes have remained long past their usefulness. IT organizations can be compromised by combining job functions that fail to provide checks and balances for processes and results. The Sciens Assessment methodology helps to isolate critical functions and ensure that controls are in place for optimal performance.

Reviewing existing operations and critical work processes with Sciens can help to identify opportunities to streamline and optimize organizations. We can also objectively evaluate the operational environment and available resources as an indicator to the potential success of the project and its value to the organization. Among the five elements assessed:

Strategy – Does it support business goals? Are there opportunities to improve process efficiencies?
Governance – Is a cross-departmental team in place to provide oversight and alignment with the vision?
Architecture – Is the current enterprise architecture (hardware, software, mobility, cyber risk, cloud computing) integrated and standardized?
Organization – Are properly trained and motivated people staffing each role?
Processes – Are key business activities being accomplished efficiently?

Elements of Business Assessment

Existing technologies are measured against external standards to identify methods to use technology and meet end users’ needs better. Using frameworks such as CobIT, and best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Sciens assesses IT’s service performance and makes recommendations for process, management and technology improvements.

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