Cloud Computing

Adopting virtualization and cloud computing environments offer potential cost savings and greater flexibility.

Better Service, Lower Price

Cloud computing has the potential to streamline the delivery of IT services through on-demand pricing, less IT overhead, and the ability to scale IT up and down quickly. However, there are also compromises that come with a cloud computing deployment, including migration disruption, expense, and less control over performance and security.

Sciens assists our clients to evaluate the key financial and risk elements associated with either pursuing cloud computing or maintaining the IT systems on-premises.

Key considerations include:

  • Are our internal process and technical environment ready?
  • Which cloud service and deployment model is right for us?
  • Which cloud provider should we choose?
  • Do we have an effective contract that guarantees our service level?
  • After we have selected the plan and the provider, how do we prepare for implementation?
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