Regulated Industries

IT Departments must be enablers of innovation, as well as gatekeepers of security.

Managing Risk and Return

Heavily regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, utilities and petrochemical, generate unprecedented volumes of documentation largely to satisfy auditors. Sciens examines the technological environment to find the optimum level of risk and return, as well as ensure that support providers – the IT Department – remain aligned with their customers for the long-term.

The explosive adoption of tablets and smartphones has increased the exposure of companies to potentially compromise the integrity of their IT environments. From BYOD (bring your own device) support to technology governance, successfully balancing risk and return helps to improve decision-making capabilities and business performance.

  • Streamline business processes to identify risk exposure
  • Integrate systems from the back office to the field
  • Identify root cause and solutions for IT problems
  • Reduce operational costs through efficiency gains
  • Optimize IT governance for decision-making and risk management
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