City & County Government

Technology Experts for Local Government

Government agencies face challenges on a scope far greater than any business in the private sector. The broad range of services delivered to the community with minimal funding, while facing political obstacles daily, is an environment that few businesses can comprehend.

As more complex technologies are adopted, quality management systems are needed to ensure that enterprise systems are aligned – and not in conflict – with the goals of the organization.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Environmental Services
  • Public Works
  • Courts & Justice
  • Parks & Recreation

Areas of Expertise

Improving the efficiency and performance of City and County government and Public Safety organizations is the sole focus of Sciens Consulting. We work closely with clients to boost operations and enhance citizen services by creating integrated, collaborative organizations.

The partners at Sciens are committed to helping organizations use technology to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Field Mobility
  • CAD
  • RMS
  • GIS-Integrated Asset Management

Sciens Consulting serves as an objective and trusted advisor to City and County staff and officials. Our recommendations are unbiased, and carefully consider each client’s requirements and budget.

Our focus is on providing practical technology plans that make sense for the unique needs of the client and their environment.

  • Trusted
  • Objective
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable

Collaboration Delivers Results

Sciens works closely with clients, employing our knowledge and experience in leading management practices and technologies, to help them achieve their vision within the designated budget and timeline. Aligning technology with the strategic vision catapults organizations into a new era of information-sharing and productivity.

An objective evaluation is an essential first step. Sciens interviews all stakeholders to understand their functional needs. We offer sensible approaches for maximizing the value of technology to improve efficiency and performance. The partners at Sciens care about helping local government eliminate complex systems and serve the public better.

Experienced & Objective Guidance

Our extensive experience ensures that processes and technologies are assessed objectively, recommendations are optimum for each environment, and implementations are managed with minimal disruption. From finance business systems and utility billing to public works, police and fire departments, we understand how local government functions and develop a clear plan for improvement.

Sciens’ knowledgeable consultants serve as independent advisors throughout the complex process of planning, selection, negotiation, and implementation. We carefully consider the goals and environment of each client, and provide candid insight on potential enhancements.

Change Begins with Vision & Strategy

Many government organizations have been using their current process and IT infrastructure for years, if not decades. The process is woven into peoples’ jobs and roles, and the idea of adopting a new system can often be met with resistance.

Focused and deliberate change management is essential to control conflicts from technology upgrades, new systems, organizational adjustments, and staff turnover. An inclusive and thorough communication strategy greatly strengthens the outcome of organizational and process improvement efforts.