About Sciens

Collaborative Consulting Style

Sciens (skē’ǝnz) assesses business strategies and aligns organizations, processes and technologies to improve efficiencies that translate into bottom-line results.

We are management consultants.
Technology ignites the fire of change.

We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative consulting style. Sciens considers each engagement a partnership with the client, and follow an explicit Code of Ethics. Working with our clients, we employ our knowledge and experience in leading management practices and technologies to help them achieve their vision.

Sciens works with clients to analyze their existing processes and infrastructure, as well as understand the organization’s business requirements and overall strategic objectives. Applying best practices, our consultants develop objective and practical recommendations to improve the effectiveness of its processes, maximize the return on its technology investments, and enhance the efficiency of the organization.

When used correctly, technology can help to facilitate integrated, collaborative organizations. Translated, Sciens means “skillful management.” We are truly committed to sharing our knowledge and management skill to create organizational excellence for our clients. Our proven methodology and toolsets focus clearly on aligning IT with the business vision, and establishing IT as a strategic component of the organizational plan. We streamline how work is done – workflows, organizational structure, technology infrastructure – and improve processes to service customers in the most efficient way.

From our perspective, improving process and technology architecture is about more than just “keeping up.” Our services are ideally suited for organizations that want to perform better by identifying new revenue streams, and lowering costs through improved efficiency.

Code of ethics